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2020 will go down in the history books as annus horribilis. As a country, we are now looking at a quick way out of the pandemic, but the short-term challenges should not blind us to the long-term ones. How do we keep pensions affordable? Is the Belgian government debt sustainable in the long term? Could our tax system be simpler and fairer? These questions were already posed before the corona crisis, but have become even more urgent as a result of a health and economic crisis.

Pending the Belgian recovery plan for the corona crisis, Itinera is launching a series of 12 webinars with Itinera fellows and guest speakers such as Wouter Duyck, Ive Marx and Ignaas Devisch. In it we discuss what the Belgian recovery plan should look like, but also how we can get our country back on track after corona – with a 2030 horizon.

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